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The Love Spell




Our Ancient Pagan Assembly has been casting spells of love for over 800 years.

Are you looking for love? We all are so read on because your one click away from realising it. We will cast a Strong Ancient love spell from the Ancient Assembly of Pagan Witchcraft. Be warned these are strong spells and you WILL get what you ask for. We require your name and date of birth, If you would like love to blossom with someone else we only require both your names. Parts of Our Ancient Pagan Assembly of White Witches and Druids meet each evening so we are always ready to cast your spell. What you will get from this spell

  • Romance
  • The partner of your dreams
  • Never feel lonely again
  • A warm peaceful outlook on life
  • Soul mate
  • Confidence
  • Peace of mind

We have never had anyone say that the spell does not work, we only recieve thanks and praise.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see us at Paganspells

Any Relationship Issues


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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we all need someone to talk to, knowing that someone is going to listen. At the Ancient Pagan Assembly many of our members are trained at just doing that.

We are by nature very caring and understanding, but not only that we are wise and have many years experience on the many issues the happen day to day in the world we live.

We have numerous individuals per day inquiring about our services and telling us about their problems, so we thought it would only be right for us to provide an online  service. Over many years we have been offering a counseling service to clients in both face to face meeting and via telephone, however; with the introduction of this great platform we are now able to offer it to you.

The best thing about online counseling for client is that you don’t have to meet anyone and there are no traveling costs, or traveling times. We have found that clients are more willing to get their problems to the surface when they are not talking to people in person or over the telephone.

We are 100% sure, that no matter what problem you be experiencing we can sort it out and have you feeling crystal clear about where you life is heading.  Please find us here Pagan Spells


Child’s Fairy Spell


Wiccan Spell Book

You need:

  •  Flower
  • Sugar
  • Leaf

Sit with your child. Place flower on the leaf and sprinkle sugar on them. Repeat with your child:

 ” oh winged people tiny like me,

I need a friend to play with me,

Grown ups dont know to play,

Make me happy tiny thing and come and play”

Do at night and wait till morning.  your child should see fairies around the flower.

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Binding a man or women’s love is done through the usage of Kabbalah remedies and involves 2 basic procedures:


This action which is named in Hebrew “Hibur” is performed through the usage of materials from the “Shor materials” family and it is responsible of the readjustment of the emotional and logical perception of the love one.
In this part of the process you will ensure a good emotional base on which you will be able to proceed to the next and final step.

A Binding of communication, or as is called in Hebrew “KVILLAH” is done after the establishment of a good basic emotional and sexual channel between the lovers.
In this part of the process, the sender will bind all the existing emotional and sexual communication to prevent any outer interference, such as other people or spiritual and psychological influences.

To accomplish a…

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